French Corporate Law and Governance : a pratical briefing for foreign directors

Cadres et pratiques de la gouvernance en France à l'attention des administrateurs étrangers


A four-hour seminar to be delivered in English to foreign directors (or foreign candidates to directorship positions) in French companies. Also of interest to French directors and staff of companies having a significant proportion of foreign directors.


Basic Principles of French corporate law

Pointing out the major differences with US, English and German law concepts and practice, especially with respect to the allocation of responsibilities between shareholders, board and management, and civil and criminal liability of companies and directors.

Focus on Board practice

Sketching the French approach to corporate governance issues currently focusing attention in Western countries, such as diversity, chairmanship/C.E.O. separation, role of the committees, etc. – with significant practical examples.

Financial and audit specificities

Identifying a few specificities affecting the directors’ responsibilities in respect of company accounts, and rules concerning the auditors.

Focus on director and senior executive compensation

A reminder of the rules applicable on a much-debated issue: what the law says on performance criteria, disclosure requirements, etc. and what are the current trends and issues.

The cultural background

By way of conclusion, an interactive discussion, based on concise facts and figures outlining a few issues which are often the source of misunderstandings or misperception by foreign businessmen.