New Governance Challenges for Board Members in Europe

New governance commitments for board members in Europe: compare, have a discussion and for updates

ecoDa* has developed a European module for directors and supervisory board members seeking to gain a European perspective on board functioning and corporate governance.

The training programme is targeted at directors with a cross-border mandate in their board activities or looking for such a mandate. Anyone seeking to update their knowledge of recent EU policy developments in the field of corporate governance will also benefit from the module.

Programme sur 1 jour
à Bruxelles
Tarifs :

1 500.40€ TTC



  • To adapt the knowledge and experience of board members gained at National level to the European level, and to provide insight into the latest European developments in Corporate Governance
  • To create a European network of individual board members and to develop a European pool of board members
  • To provide the skillset that will assist board members in winning board mandates in other European countries
  • To exchange best European board practices
  • Understanding National differences in terms of Corporate Governance, and the functions and duties of board members in differing European countries
  • Benefiting from the feedback and know-how of board members with significant experience of cross-border board mandates in Europe
  • Gaining an overview of the EU decisionmaking process, particularly in relation to corporate governance
  • Updating participants on recent European developments in Corporate Governance.


Day 1
  • Overview on Corporate Governance national features 
  • Company ownership: the contrasting influence of controlling shareholders and institutional investors in Europe 
  • Board structure: the functioning of one and two tier board systems in European companies 
  • Board diversity and employee representation: the impact of board membership on European board behaviour 
  • Case study: how two different boards from two different countries can handle the same issues? 
  • Topical and controversial issues in the UK: women on boards and Executive remuneration.
Day 2
  • Basic principles on the European Institutions, decision-making and main actors
  • Simulation of real boardrooms on the basis of a case study circulated beforehand – Stork case
  • Presentation of the pending key topics at the EU level
  • Executive remuneration: differing paths to accountability and legitimacy in Europe 
  • European Market for Directorships
  • Panel Discussion: benefits and risks of being Director in Europe.