The Fight Against Corruption: Insights Into Ethical Performance in Global Supply Chains

Un rapport d'Ecovadis de novembre 2018 qui publie les résultats de son étude consacrée aux enjeux de corruption dans les entreprises

Executive Summary

Overall Results

• The average Ethics score is 42.21, which according to the EcoVadis scoring scale indicates an unstructured approach to ethics management. Companies still have a long way to go to improve their anti-corruption practices.

Regional Differentiation

• North American companies perform better (45.7) than those in other regions, but the maturity of their anti-corruption management system can be explained by the fact that they are under more scrutiny and are subject to more penalties.
• Greater China on the other hand is the lowest performing region (32.6). Chinese companies show little formalization of an anti-corruption management system. This is a concern given the high corruption risks present in that region.

Industry Insights

• The best performing sector, Finance and Insurance, is also the most exposed to penalties and fines. It has important disclosure obligations, and as a result companies in this sector typically have formalized anti-corruption programs.
• The lowest performing sectors are also some of the most exposed to corruption risks, e.g. Transport and Construction. Despite these increased risks, their anti-corruption management systems are less formalized than those in other industries. 

Best Practices

• There are wide disparities in the implementation of best practices. While whistleblowing procedures are the most common best practice implemented by companies, other anticorruption measures are still rare. This is especially true for third-party due diligence procedures or anti-corruption risk assessments, which remain exceptional for most companies, regardless of the region, even though they are fundamental actions of any solid anti-corruption program. 
• Regardless of the type of best practices, the top performing regions are North America and Europe, while the least performing region is almost systematically Greater China. 


• Our study on the evolution of companies’ performance over the 2015-2018 period shows that anti-corruption regulations can have a positive effect, as illustrated by the France and Brazil case studies, presented in page on Page 14 and 15.