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Durée :

Programme sur 4 jours à Bruxelles

Tarifs :

4 jours Membres IFA : 3 850 €
4 jours prix public IFA : 4 400 €
2ème journée en option : 700 €
3ème journée en option : 500 €
Chaque jour optionnel sans les 3 premières journées : 1000 €

Votre contact

Alexandra Courel 

Programmes courts

01 80 05 62 28

Are you already an experienced board member with the adequate background and training required to carry out your duties effectively? Has the time come to move to the next level and receive keys to develop your own roadmaps in a concrete way as well as enriching your knowledge by benchmarking yourself against the best European Corporate Governance practices and peers? This unique programme, designed by senior board members for board members, will help you to explore and understand the challenges for European directors in the years to come. It will deepen your understanding of the changing demands being placed on the boardroom and help you foster innovation and long-term value creation. This programme, has been conceived as an eye-opener and a peer-to-peer learning experience supplemented by real-life case studies, constitutes a source of inspiration in your pursuit of excellence. It is designed to equip you with the right behaviours and skills to add value in the international boardroom with unique networking opportunities and EU proximity. This programme is an add-on to programmes developed by the national institutes of Directors.


Day 1 : 18th  march 2024

  • Developing a global understanding of Corporate Governance issues beyond only the most topical issues;
  • Understanding the key features of the major Corporate Governance models coexisting in Europe;
  • Getting input on how to reshape/reinvent business models in European Companies.

Day 2 : 19th  march 2024

  • Understanding requirements, good practices and pitfalls in sustainability governance and sustainability reporting with a focus on double materiality assessment, sustainability due diligence and transition plans;
  • Getting hands-on experience from European senior board peers;
  • Making your organization more innovative, understanding how to shape new regulations and social demands into a framework conducive to value creation.

Day 3 : 26th  march 2024

  • Implementing new European requirements while benefiting from European best practices;
  • Understanding what they mean in terms of the director’s fiduciary duty and independence;
  • Discussing your own challenges with your peers;
  • Discovering the specificities of European CG models by looking at the issues that concern other parts of the world.

Day 4 :

Option 1 : Audit Committees : a permanent adaptation to move away from pure compliance – 12th  April 2024

Option 2 : ICGN Module – Dialogue between boards and stakeholders is at the heart of all current issues – 19th  April 2024

Option 3 : ESG matters with a special focus on climate and biodiversity challenges – 25th  April 2024

Les prochaines sessions

  • Le 18, 19 et 26 mars 2024 avec une 4ème date selon l'option le 12 , 19 ou 25 avril 2024 (à Bruxelles,nous contacter)
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